The Africa Country Series: Republic of Mozambique

The 2015 Investment Climate Statement-Mozambique by the US Department of State stated that the IMF predicts that Mozambique will be among the World’s fastest growing economies over the next decade.

Mozambique’s domestic market is small, but as a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), investors in the country gain access to the larger southern African region

Bilateral trade between Pakistan and Mozambique was at $120 million in 2014, consisting almost entirely of Pakistan’s exports to Mozambique which were at $119 million. The bulk of Pakistan’s exports to Mozambique consisted of cereals, salt, sulphur, earth, stone, plaster, limes and cement. Pakistan’s imports from Mozambique of $1.2 million consisted of iron and steel and oil seed, fruits, grain and seeds.

Total potential trade between Pakistan and Mozambique, based on 2014’s trade patterns, was $1.68 billion (excluding petroleum products). Pakistan’s potential exports were $1.2 billion which included rice, medicaments, structures and parts of structures, sugar, and cement. Potential imports from Mozambique included coke, cotton, lumber, aluminum, tobacco and beans. Total potential imports from Mozambique are $459 million (excluding petroleum products).