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Research Studies

Total Number of Studies: 306

Evaluating Phase II of the China Pakistan Free Trade Agreement

The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) has published five studies reviewing progress or otherwise of Phase I of the China-Pakistan Free...

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The Republic of India & the Potential for Pakistan-India Bilateral Trade

The report titled “The Republic of India & the Potential for Pakistan-India Bilateral Trade” is part of the Market Access Series 2024 published by the Pakistan Business Council (PBC).

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Export Diversification into Non-Traditional Product Segments

This report identifies new export sectors and products within manufacturing that Pakistan could potentially diversify towards in the short to medium term. It also puts forward a set of preliminary policy recommendations that would facilitate the transition. Both secondary literature and stakeholder analysis of the selected sectors are used to outline the policy interventions.

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Enhancing the Competitiveness of Pakistan's Aluminium Utensils Sector

This study, “Enhancing the Competitiveness of Pakistan’s Aluminum Utensils Sector” is a joint study conducted by the Pakistan Business Council...

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Promoting International Religious Tourism to Pakistan

This report titled “Promoting International Religious Tourism to Pakistan” is the fourth in the Pakistan Business Council’s (PBC) series on...

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Opportunities and Challenges in Pakistan’s Vertical Farming Landscape - June 2024

This policy brief explores the potential of vertical farming in Pakistan, examining its benefits, challenges, and strategic recommendations for implementation....

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Fruit and Vegetable Pulping in Pakistan – Review and Prospects - June 2024

The global demand for fruit and vegetable pulp is increasing due to higher consumer awareness of its health benefits and...

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Leveraging Artificial Insemination for Enhanced Dairy and Meat Production - June 2024

This policy brief examines the potential of artificial insemination (AI) to revolutionize Pakistan’s dairy and meat production sectors, addressing key...

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