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Export Policy

Export Diversification into Non-Traditional Product Segments

This report identifies new export sectors and products within manufacturing that Pakistan could potentially diversify towards in the short to medium term. It also puts forward a set of preliminary policy recommendations that would facilitate the transition. Both secondary literature and stakeholder analysis of the selected sectors are used to outline the policy interventions.

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Using E-commerce to Promote Exports of Pakistani Fashion Products

This report titled “Using E-Commerce to Promote Exports of Pakistani Fashion Products” is an in-house publication of The Pakistan Business...

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The PBC’s Contours of a National Charter for Exports - III

With exports the only sustainable solution to Pakistan’s recurring external account crises, the Pakistan Business Council (PBC), as part of...

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Enhancing the Competitiveness of Pakistan’s Services Exports – Other Business Services

This report titled “Enhancing the Competitiveness of Pakistan’s Services Exports – Other Business Services” is the second in the series...

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Strengthening the Export Competitiveness of Pakistan’s Towels and Terry Made-ups Sector

Pakistan is deindustrializing prematurely. The premature deindustrialization of Pakistan is contributing to an increase in Pakistan’s trade deficit. With the...

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Pakistan’s Performance Under the EU GSP Plus Program: 2014-19

The European Union (EU) granted Pakistan GSP Plus status starting in January 2014. The scheme subject to reviews, will expire...

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PBC's Contours of a National Charter for Exports-Digital

As part of its “Make-in-Pakistan” thrust, the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) has been advocating fundamental reforms to create jobs, promote...

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Pakistan’s intra-regional trade remains lowest

KARACHI: Pakistan is one of the lowest regionally-integrated countries in the world as the country’s trade with its regional partners...

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Pakistan’s Trade with its Regional Partners

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Pakistan) shares land borders with 4 countries; Afghanistan, China, India and Iran. Pakistan’s trade with...

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