The Africa Country Series: Republic of Angola

Angola country profile is the 4th in the Africa Country Series initiative of the Pakistan Business Council (PBC). Angola’s GDP and population are much smaller than Pakistan’s, however its per capita income is more than 4 times Pakistan’s! Oil dominates Angola’s economy and the trade surplus is almost entirely due to oil.

Other than oil Angola’s main exports are diamonds and other mineral resources. Angola’s main trading partner is China. India is among its top 10 trading partners. However, Angola’s bilateral trade with Pakistan was just $40.2 million in 2014. Pakistan exported $39.8 million from Angola whereas Pakistan’s potential exports to Angola are roughly $2.9 billion. High potential export products to Angola include rice, sugar, wheat, medicaments, medical instruments and appliances, items of apparel, structures & parts of structures and cement. Potential imports from Angola are approximately $177 million (mainly iron, steel and aluminum waste and scrape material) whereas imports from Angola in 2014 were $422,000.