Second Review of the Pak-China FTA and Recommendations for Phase II

The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) is a business policy advocacy forum, representing private-sector businesses that have substantial investments in Pakistan’s economy. It was formed in 2005 by 14 (now 47) of Pakistan’s largest enterprises, including multinationals, to allow businesses to meaningfully interact with government and other stakeholders.

The Pakistan Business Council is a pan-industry advocacy group. It is not a trade body nor does it advocate for any specific business sector. Rather, its key advocacy thrust is on easing barriers to allow Pakistani businesses to compete in regional and global arenas.

The PBC works closely with the relevant government departments, ministries, regulators and institutions, as well as other stakeholders including professional bodies, to develop consensus on major issues which impact the conduct of business in and from Pakistan. The PBC has submitted key position papers and recommendations to the government on legislation and other government policies affecting businesses. It also serves on various taskforces and committees of the Government of Pakistan as well as those of the State Bank, SECP and other regulators with the objective to provide policy assistance on new initiatives and reforms.