Political Parties Manifestos Versus The PBC’s National Economic Agenda

In April 2011 the Pakistan Business Council with the help of Pakistan’s intellectual elite formulated the National Economic Agenda (NEA). The objective behind the formulation of the NEA is to develop a consensus among the major political parties on a minimum socio-economic agenda for Pakistan. The broad issues on which the NEA tries to build consensus are; education, energy, macroeconomic stability & growth, social protection and regional trade. The PBC over the past two years has held a series of meetings with the top leaderships of all the major political parties with the objective of developing a national consensus on the NEA. With elections now due to be held in Pakistan in May, the PBC has initiated a review of the election manifestos of the major political parties to see how far the recommendations of the NEA have been incorporated in the party manifestos. The attached document shows how three major parties who have presented their 2013 manifestos i.e. PML (N), PTI & PPP score on the specific proposals of the NEA, while for the other three major parties i.e. ANP, MQM & PML (Q) the latest manifestos available on their websites have been used. Positions of Political Parties on NEA.