Pakistan’s Economic, Trade & Manufacturing Data

This publication, Pakistan’s Economic, Trade & Manufacturing Data is part of the Pakistan Business Council’s (PBC’s) Make in Pakistan (MiP) initiative. The PBC’s MiP initiative is an effort aimed at creating awareness about, and reversing the Premature Deindustrialization of Pakistan. Developing countries like Pakistan need to have manufacturing contribute at least 28 to 30% of the GDP before its share in the economy starts to decline. In Pakistan’s case the highest contribution of manufacturing in GDP was 14.8% in 2008, since then it has been in a constant decline, clocking in at 12.1% in 2018.

Share of Manufacturing Sector in the GDP (%)

Premature deindustrialization has led to a reduction in the contribution of exports in Pakistan’s GDP, it has also seen Pakistan lose its share in global trade. Competitor countries however are seeing an increase in global trade leading to an improvement in per-capita incomes and a general improvement in the lives of their citizens.

Exports as a % of GDP for Pakistan
Exports as a % of GDP (FY 18)

The impact of premature deindustrialization can be seen in the economic, trade, fiscal and manufacturing data presented in this report. The impact on ‘10’ domestic industries is also shown in the last section of this report.

The PBC is a private sector not-for-profit advocacy platform set up in 2005 by 14 (now 78) of Pakistan’s largest businesses. PBC’s research based advocacy supports measures which improve Pakistani industry’s regional and global competitiveness. More information about PBC, its members, objectives and activities can be found on its website: