Pakistan Economic Forum

Like all countries, Pakistan also faces a number of issues / challenges which change in terms of gravity and character over a period of time. For the well being and progress of the Country in the 21st Century, it is critical that these issues / challenges are identified, prioritized and debated annually leading to pragmatic recommendations for the decision makers at the very highest level.

With the above objective in mind, the Pakistan Economic Forum (PEF) a gathering of Pakistan’s intellectual elite is being sponsored by the Pakistan Business Council (PBC). The PBC is an apolitical Think Tank cum Policy Advocacy Institution representing 42 of Pakistan’s largest Corporations /Business Groups including MNCs that have a vested interest in the Country’s rapid economic growth to meet the rising aspirations of its people.

Preferably, each year the PEF with the support of PBC will identify some of the most critical issues / challenges being faced by the country. Panels to discuss each issue / challenge will be formed. Headed by a Chairman and supported by a Co-Chair, each panel which will comprise of experts / stakeholders, will analyze / debate the issue at hand before coming up with pragmatic recommendations.

The PBC will collate all the recommendations and host an event at which the PEF’s recommendations will be presented to the decision makers at the very highest level. It is expected that the quality of the recommendations; the involvement of the stakeholders, and a concerted media effort, will ensure that the recommendations become part of the national discourse and hopefully, form part of future policies of the government.