Agenda for Economic Reform

Pakistan Business Council has expressed on various recent occasions its concerns for Pakistan’s economy. It has been actively engaging with government and private sector to outline strategies to address the existing economic challenges and frame a coherent National Economic Agenda.

This document outlines PBC’s recommendations as part of its outreach program to encourage national debate on economic issues. It appeared in leading newspapers of Pakistan.


This nutshell report of Pakistan’s Economy presents a trilateral approach to Pakistan’s economic problems. It takes into account perspectives of the citizens, multilateral international agencies and the investors, presenting a holistic picture of what needs to be done.

Presentation to National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance by Kamran Y. Mirza

Pakistan’s current taxation regime is inequitable and flawed, adversely affecting potential economic growth and investments. Pakistan currently has one of the lowest Tax-to-GDP ratios of emerging economies, while concurrently levying very high corporate tax rates compared to them.

Pakistan Business Council CEO made this presentation before National Assembly Finance Committee on 1st Dec 2010 on RGST. It details the recommendation made in support of RGST implementation as well as widening of tax base and improving tax documentation.