The Pakistan Economic Forum Outlines A Way Forward

Lahore, The Pakistan Business Council (PBC), a group comprising of leading Pakistani companies, hosted the Pakistan Economic Forum (PEF).

The purpose of the economic forum was to highlight and identify solutions and a way forward to five key socio-economic areas namely, energy, regional trade, social protection, macro -economic stability and education.

Panelists comprised of intellectuals, former senior civil servants and military officers, economists and business leaders from across the country. In the daylong session they discussed and deliberated on these five critical issues affecting the country and the economy.

The forum debated pragmatic solutions that they hope to recommend to the Government of Pakistan, the various political parties and the greater business community at large.

Recommendations on these five issues are expected to be shared with the relevant stakeholders in the coming weeks, to help them chart a progressive course of action on these issues.

Addressing the event Karman Y. Mirza, CEO, Pakistan Business Council said, “The time has come to work beyond political boundaries and in the collective national interest. It is the need of the hour for civil society and business people to further help the Government address the real issues of the economy and give them tangible and practical solutions.”