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Research Studies

Total Number of Studies: 289

Enhancing the Competitiveness of Pakistan's Surgical Instruments Industry

“Enhancing the competitiveness of Pakistan’s Surgical Instruments Industry” is a joint study of the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) and the...

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Third Review of the Pakistan-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement

Sri Lanka is a lower-middle income economy located in South Asia which shares maritime borders with the Maldives and India....

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Modernizing the Dairy Sector

This study titled ‘Modernizing the Dairy Sector: Making safe milk and its value-added products ubiquitously available in Pakistan’ has been...

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Potential for a Pakistan-Russia Free Trade Agreement

This study by the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) titled “Potential for a Pakistan – Russia Free Trade Agreement” is a...

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Pakistan's Trade with EU & Its Member States

This study by the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) titled “Pakistan’s Trade with the EU & its Member States” is part...

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The Global Trade in Services & Pakistan

PBC’s Report: “The Global Trade in Services & Pakistan” tries to answer the following questions: What are services exports, how...

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The Arab Republic of Egypt

This study by the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) titled “The Arab Republic of Egypt” is part of the PBC’s Market...

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Global Trade in Home Textiles

Pakistan’s Home Textile Industry is an important contributor to export earnings, accounting for around 32.5% of total exports. Exports of...

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