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Potential of the Proposed Pakistan – Thailand Free Trade Agreement

Negotiations for a Pakistan – Thailand Free Trade Agreement (PATHFTA) have been in progress since early 2013. Media reports suggest...

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Pakistan’s Trade with the EU & its Member States

This Report titled “Pakistan’s Trade with the EU & its Member States” is part of the PBC’s Market Access Series...

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A Review To Evaluate The Plausibility of Pakistan’s Accession To Information Technology Agreement

The Information Technology Agreement (ITA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) aims to eliminate custom duties and reduce non-tariff measures...

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Strengthening the Export Competitiveness of Pakistan’s Towels and Terry Made-ups Sector

Pakistan is deindustrializing prematurely. The premature deindustrialization of Pakistan is contributing to an increase in Pakistan’s trade deficit. With the...

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Pakistan’s Performance Under the EU GSP Plus Program: 2014-19

The European Union (EU) granted Pakistan GSP Plus status starting in January 2014. The scheme subject to reviews, will expire...

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Potential for a Pakistan – Turkey Free Trade Agreement

This report titled “Potential for a Pakistan-Turkey Free Trade Agreement” is part of the PBC’s Market Access Series 2020. Since 1995, Turkey has had...

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