Global Trade in Home Textiles
  • Pakistan’s Home Textile Industry is an important contributor to export earnings, accounting for around 32.5% of total exports.
  • Exports of Home Textiles fall under HS-63 and these include Bed Linen, Bath Linen, Kitchen Linen, Upholstery, and so on.
  • This presentation shows the global standing of Pakistan’s Home Textile exports, as well as, the country’s position as an exporter in blocs such as the EU (27), and countries such as the UK, and USA.
  • Top import sources of Home Textiles for the above-mentioned countries have been listed, along with their market shares and five-year growth rates. Moreover, top Home Textile imports of these regions under HS-6 level have also been listed, for which Pakistan is a top import source. For such commodities, Pakistan’s competitor countries have been mentioned as well, along with their market shares.
  • All data has been sourced through ITC Trade Map.