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General Business Advocacy

Understanding Pakistan’s Polycrisis - And Navigating a Path Forward

This study entitled ‘Understanding Pakistan’s Polycrisis – And Navigating a Path Forward’ has been authored by Sakib Sherani for The...

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The PBC has recently commissioned a Study titled: “Understanding Informality in the Wholesale, Retail and Real Estate Sectors.” This Study...

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Catalysing Private Investment in Pakistan - Leveraging the CPEC Opportunity

This study entitled ‘Catalysing Private Investment in Pakistan: Leveraging Chinese Investment in CPEC’ aims to provide guidance to policy-makers on...

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Exploring FDI Opportunities

The over-arching theme of Pakistan Business Council’s (PBC) advocacy is “Make-in-Pakistan,” objectives of which are to create jobs, promote value-added exports and encourage import substitution, both on a competitive and sustainable basis.

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PBC's Charter of Economy

As Pakistan makes steady progress to deal with the effects of the Covid crisis and as the economy starts showing...

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