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Country Studies

Post-Brexit Feasibility of a Pakistan-UK Free Trade Agreement

The historic decision of the voters in the United Kingdom (UK) to quit the European Union – a process also known as Brexit – can potentially have a major negative impact on Pakistan’s exports.

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Afghan Transit Trade through Pakistan & Pakistan Afghanistan Bilateral Trade

Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) through Pakistan is frequently a bone of contention between the two countries. Afghanistan complains that Pakistan is a major obstacle to transit trade with frequent changes in rules.

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Third Review of the Pakistan-China FTA and Recommendations for Phase 2 Negotiations

Following the PBC’s previous studies on the Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement, there has been great discourse on how Phase II should be negotiated.

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Second Review of the Feasibility of a Free Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Thailand

The 2015 Study had clearly shown that signing a FTA with Thailand was not in Pakistan’s interest; and the findings of this Study reinforce that conclusion in the light of updated data.

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Second Review of the Feasibility of a Free Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Turkey

Pakistan and Turkey are not each other’s major trading partners, nevertheless, Pakistan’s trade with Turkey as a percentage of Pakistan’s global trade is higher than vice versa.

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Country Series: The Federative Republic of Brazil

The Federative Republic of Brazil (Brazil) is the World’s seventh largest economy, the largest in Latin America and the second largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Brazil is the first business partner of Pakistan among the South American countries,

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Country Series: Argentine Republic

Argentine Republic is located in South America and is the eighth largest country in the world. It is a high-income country with vast natural and mineral resources. Trade with Pakistan has been increasing in the last three years with Argentina’s exports to Pakistan amounting to $ 397.8 million

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Country Series: The Republic of Chile

This Country Profile on Chile presents a snapshot of the Chilean economy, focusing on trade and foreign direct investment, and...

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Country Series: The Republic Of Ghana

The Africa Country Series is part of the efforts of the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) to bring into focus countries in Africa which have traditionally not been major trading partners for Pakistan. Prior to this Country Profile, the PBC has published country profiles on Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and Mozambique.

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Country Series: The Russian Federation

The Pakistan Business Council, as part of its ongoing research initiatives, aims to conduct a series of studies on key economies which indicate opportunities for investment.

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The Africa Country Series: Republic of Angola

Angola’s GDP and population are much smaller than Pakistan’s, however its per capita income is more than 4 times Pakistan’s.

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The Africa Country Series: Republic of Mozambique

The 2015 Investment Climate Statement-Mozambique by the US Department of State stated that the IMF predicts that Mozambique will be...

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PBCs Views on the Strategic Trade Policy Framework

The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) notes the Ministry of Commerce’s ambition to enhance exports, as embodied in the recently issued Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 201518.

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Country Series: The Islamic Republic of Iran

The last decade saw an increase on the sanctions imposed on Iran by world powers in an attempt to curb its nuclear ambitions. As of 16th January 2016, The United States of America, the European Union and the United Nations announced

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A Study on the Feasibility of the proposed Pakistan – Thailand Free Trade Agreement

In August 2015 Pakistan and Thailand decided on the Terms of Reference and framework for a free trade agreement during a two-day visit of a Thai delegation to Pakistan.

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