PBC Writes To the Incoming Prime Minister of Pakistan

Mian Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister Designate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Pakistan Muslim League (N)
52-B, Block B, New Muslim Town

Your Excellency,

In a few days will be creating history by being elected as PM for the third time, albeit, in unusually difficult times. However, PBC is confident that if your government adheres to its pre-election manifesto – which was the closest of all major political party manifestos to PBC’s National Economic Agenda (NEA) – the country will rapidly overcome the challenges.

At this critical juncture, we are compelled to draw your attention to some specific issues which must be addressed in the first 100 days – a onetime opportunity uniquely available to an incoming government with a majority you enjoy, for reviving the economy in the shortest possible time (NEA attached).