PBC Marks Working Women’s Day

The Pakistan Business Council (PBC), a forum for Pakistan’s major businesses, expressed its commitment to observing the WORKING WOMEN’S DAY on December 22nd with a renewed commitment to creating space for women to contribute actively in every aspect of the corporate world. The Council announced with pride that its members have an increasing number of women working at every level in their organizations, including senior management positions and that it is using the WORKING WOMEN’S DAY to acknowledge the contributions being made by these talented women. The PBC as an institution works closely with its members’ and Women Rights Organizations for implementing the Anti Sexual Harassment Act 2010, and views it as important piece of legislation aimed at improving the work environment for women in Pakistan. The Chairman of the PBC Mr. Asad Umar stated that the struggle to make the work environment more dignified is a major objective of the Council and it will continue to pursue this vigorously. Mr. Ali S Habib Vice Chairman of the PBC added that ensuring Gender equality within the workplace where employees and employers have a sovereign relationship is the aim of all members of the Council. Mr. Kamran Y. Mirza, CEO, PBC re-enforced PBC’s position on this issue by acknowledging, that without the optimum use of female work force the country will not be able to achieve rapid economic growth. The PBC is a part of the National Implementation Watch Committee and has worked actively to implement the anti sexual harassment legislation in the country.