NTC Workshop

The National Tariff Commission (NTC) held a well attended workshop at the PBC for its members’ on May 22nd. The objective of the workshop was to familiarize the PBC members with the working of the NTC and the various trade defense mechanisms available to domestic industry.

The NTC delegation was led by its Chairman, Prince Abbas Khan and in addition to him comprised of Mr. Zamir Ahmed, Member NTC & Mr. Imran Zia, Director NTC.

Prince Abbas Khan, Chairman of the NTC thanked the PBC for providing the NTC with an opportunity to interact with industry to better understand the difficulties industry faces in dealing with the NTC. He also hoped that NTC would be able to better explain to industry the constraints under which the NTC operates. Prince Khan also expressed his hope that the PBC & the NTC would be able to forge a long term relationship aimed at providing relief to domestic industry from proven unfair practices of foreign competitors. He suggested quarterly interactions between NTC & PBC so that outstanding issues could be expeditiously resolved and the NTC’s role strengthened.

Mr. Bashir Ali Mohammad a director of the PBC and head of the PBC’s Trade Committee welcomed the participants to the workshop and stressed the importance of the NTC for domestic industry in the post WTO World. He cited his experiences with the various trade defense mechanism authorities in various export markets. He then assured the NTC delegation of the PBC’s support at all levels in helping the NTC achieve its objectives. Mr. Bashir Ali Mohammad welcomed the NTC Chairman’s offer for quarterly PBC / NTC meetings and offered the NTC help in collecting information relating to cases filed with the NTC. Finally he offered the PBC’s support in getting legislative changes approved which were required to strengthen and improve the working of the NTC.

Mr. Imran Zia, Director NTC, then made a detailed presentation which highlighted the various trade defense mechanism available to domestic industry, he cited specific cases from NTC Pakistan and answered questions relating to the working of the NTC. His detailed presentation in attached.

In the end Mr. Kamran Y Mirza, Chief Executive Officer of the PBC thanked the Chairman NTC, the other members of the NTC and the participants for an absorbing session. He offered the NTC usage of PBC’s research facilities and hoped that the NTC and the PBC would be able to forge a close working relationship. He urged the participants to look towards the NTC as a partner and to appreciate that the NTC can only come to the domestic industry’s help if industry itself fulfills the requirements under the NTC Act.